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From magazines, publications, invitations, posters, leaflets, flyers and so much more. Bring your ideas to life in a beautifully designed printed piece of work, anything that needs to be designed and printed can be done! Designed to match your theme, vision and special occasion perfectly.
Brand Development
The world is constantly changing, so adapt your brand to change with it. Branding is so much more than just changing your logo, give your business a makeover in every element of the brand, change your visual identity to help your business for the better.
Social Media
Social Media is becoming an essential part of all businesses, so why be left out? I'll help you to create content and design beautifully envisioned pieces to spread your business or product to a wider audience on  a variety of social media platforms.
Photography and Film
Delivering creative, fun-filled photographs or even food photography for your designed menu's or interiors. Specialised to your needs.
Digital Calligraphy
An Eastern yet Modern twist on digital form of calligraphy, made using Adobe Suite. Illustrated and personalised just for you, great for special occasions, gifts and even tattoo's.
Inspired by the greats, Matisse, Hannah Höch, and so on. The art form of collaging that started out as a personal hobby of mine that soon became a unique form of expression. Find work that's individual and separated from the usual digital medium, crafted with simpler tools, handmade and delicate pieces of work.


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Based in London, UK & Dubai, UAE 


Instagram: @hibah_art 
LinkedIn: Hibah Hoque