“SEAR” for Chanel No. 5


BBC – Chanel No. 5: The story behind the classic perfume http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-13565155

29 May 2011

The story presents a history of the object; it mentions how the product came to be and a small explanation of how it has impacted society. The article also mentions how the community embraced the product and made its place in the world. The evidence stands in the article through quotes from the companies founder and lists dates in time that mark the moments in which the are the companies most memorable. The article features different statements of the employees and colleagues of the company. As this article features on the BBC it’s known to be a reliable source however the article contains no physical links connecting what is written to the facts and figures that are listed.

The history of Chanel No. 5

29 May 2014

The article features information about the famous perfume and how it came to be whilst also talking about the making of the product and the formation of the fragrance. The article contains images and a video to back up the subject it discusses which possesses a stronger case when assessing reliability.

Champions of design: Chanel No. 5 http://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/article/1142311/champions-design-chanel-no-5


The article takes a marketing perspective of the product, discussing its “timeless” quality. It discusses the products history but in a light matter than the other articles, the story is more factual and throughout there are a lot of statistics (and a timeline) that is thrown around without any evidence making me question the legitimacy of what’s written.

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