A fear of corruption or contamination of colour

To look at motivations behind chromophobia, to dive into the cultural imagination of the west throughout a variety of texts and works.

Colour – Batchelor

Thoughts on the blurb: deploy of propaganda (communism, a form of advertising), more or less the centre of art. Opening the doors of perception,

  1. “Colour is the first revelation of the world.”
    Colour as a general concept has ‘revolutionised’ the way in which we understand certain things we see in everyday life. It has a history of being closely related to different emotions. It’s used as a dimension, acting as a subjective form where by in different cultures it can be interpreted differently, however, everyone acknowledges colour as a system by which we associate emotions or a memory.
  2. “Colour must be thought, imagined, dreamed.”Do we dream in colour? Do we all see the same colours?
  3. “Colour is something spiritual, something whose clarity is spiritual.”


Walter Benjamin, ‘A Child’s View of Colour’

“The rainbow is a pure child like image. In it colour is wholly contour; for the person who sees with a child’s eyes, it marks boundaries.”

A rainbow is something that has been associated with children, for adults it acts as “a layer of something superimposed on matter… for adults.”

Walter Benjamin talks of the ways in which children see and perceive colour. He writes in it a philosophical manner, which can be replied to as people has different opinions about the perception of colour through a child’s eyes.

“The rainbow refers not to a chaste abstraction but to a life in art. The order of art is paradisiacal because there is no thought of dissolution of boundaries – from excitement – in the object of experience. Instead the world is full of colour in a state of identity, innocence and harmony.

“Children are not ashamed, since they do not reflect but only see.”

Victor Vasarely 

Notes for a Manifesto//1955

“Form and colour are one. Form can only exist when indicated by a coloured quality.”

Roland Barthes

Is nature the subject that provides the colour or does the painter impose their colours in their work.

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