Task, Proposal and Outcome

Arcola Theatre: 15th year Anniversary Installation

The brief required us to work in groups to produce an installation the Arcola Theatre for their 15th year exhibition open on the 15th and 16th February. With access to one of the Arcola’s major performance spaces we were asked to make work that directly responds to the space itself. The installation was aimed to reflect the history of the theatre and its connection to the community in Dalston, London. We were free to use any medium in curation of our individual pieces as long as it comfortably fit into a larger plan that united all the group work into an installation.

Our Proposal 

To create a contemporary story based on real characters and actors from or associated with the Arcola theatre in the form of a puppet play. Our idea revolved around using our individual skills and coming together as a team to create a puppet theatre with its own set of characters.

Our Final Installation

Our aim was to visit the site and talk to/ interact with members of the community, especially those that were involved with the theatre. By speaking to people in the local community we were able to understand the atmosphere and history behind the area and to find out interesting/funny stories that we used for inspiration towards our puppets.

For our final piece we constructed a ‘stage’ with our puppets displayed on a podium in the foreground which stood as an interactive installation. People were able to create their own puppet shows using the characters we had created and get a sense of being a part of the theatre by putting on their own ‘mini show’ for their friends or family.

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