My manifesto


Opinions can be changed and perceptions can be altered. Always be open-minded.

Art as a concept has evolved from people’s creativity, its sole purpose being able to express an emotion or show how something is seen and interpreted. These forms of creativity and emotional depiction have been categorised into many branches and forms of art, some examples being illustration and graphic design. As a practitioner of the arts, specifically studying illustration and visual media the reoccurring problem that I’ve noticed is the way in which it is recognised as being less of a career based art form than other practices. People who are unfamiliar about ‘illustration and visual media’ are constantly asking what the outcome is…

What are going to be? What can you do with that? Do you just draw for books?

I seek to change the opinion of the practice and make people (especially those who aren’t artists) realise that it is a degree that entails more than just drawing.

“Illustration and Visual Media is not defined by a medium, material or style, but fuelled by a desire to communicate by whatever means are appropriate, be they sculptural, typographic, photographic, filmic, print-based or a combination of all of these… Nothing is off limits.” (University of Arts London, 2016)

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