Self Initiated Brief

For my self-initiated brief I looked for experiences that have influenced and shaped me as an artist; whether it’s certain pieces of work I’ve seen, places I have lived or recipes that have been passed down through my family. All of which have inclined me towards creating  a book/magazine which encapsulates the ‘cultural and habitual normalities’ that differentiate between societies.

My idea was to photograph, document, illustrate, collage and interview and comment on these ‘cultural normalities’ from an international perspective through the medium of photography, articles, collages etc. combined to fill the content of the book.

My inspirations:

The Carton – A magazine about food culture and the Middle East published by Art and Then Some.


My biggest inspiration for my self initiated brief is The Carton, it’s a paper bound roughly 100 page magazine “made up of food and publishing experts who have been working in the multi-facets of both fields for nearly a decade.” It’s located in Beirut however based in various cities which allows it to be full to the brim with stories and articles, illustrations and photographs that are show and are written to allow cultural exchange.”Art And Then Some is a factory that generates ideas for a multitude of partners and collaborators, and a publishing house that champions tangible mediums. The Carton is our in-house periodical, print publication about food culture and the Middle East. We used our expertise in the topic to zoom in on Middle Eastern culture, sharing and archiving its various layers through tales of food.” (“The Carton”)

The Best of Dubai Shop Names
by Jala Abuthina published by Gulf Photo Plus


It has already been received very well in Art Dubai and gallery stores and has a similar audience to the one I aim to create for. It “is a collection of cultural publications and tourist memorabilia products from the city of Dubai which offers a quality, in-depth and relevant visual reflection of contemporary life, written and photographed by some of the most knowledgeable artists and writers from the local art community.”(Plus) I aspire to produce something similar, however, in some ways completely different as I would focus on the habitual norms and comment on them from a foreign perspective inclusive and exculsive of the art community.

I envision the outcome to be a finished (and hopefully published) contemporary ‘magazine style’ book, with an eye-catching cover that is more than just something that can be flicked through quickly. I am constantly coming across articles on lists of things people who have lived in a certain place can relate to. I’ve seen so many friends ‘share’ and post things they miss back home that aren’t in the current places they reside. This book will act as a documentation of things that remind people of home and also be an insight to the community and up-rise of Dubai as a new city – as well as sharing these experiences with the surrounding world.


The Palette Themed Series by viction:ary

What drew me towards these books is exactly what the front cover shows, I judged a book by its cover and fell absolutely in love with the series. Each Palette book captures a certain colour and intensely focuses on it from the first to last page. It captures the interest of the viewer through dynamic layouts, colourful texts and graphically designed pages to feature a “vast collection of stationary, catalogues, events, corporate identities, etc., the title surveys how designers capture the essence of commitment, visions, valued traditions or simply the glittery appeal in the different guises of gold, silver and copper tones. Techniques include gilding, pure gold plating, metallic coatings, anodising, etc. that are fascinating to touch and see.” (“Gold & Silver — New Metallic Graphics”)

This series of books showed me that if passion is shown by the author, photographer, illustration, creator then it will relay itself onto the pages of the book. Which is what I’m aiming for when I create my own magazine or book, depending on the amount of content I manage to collate before the deadline.


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