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A lot of my research for this project was through reading articles, books, social media coverage etc. It was much less visual and creative than my usual work however, when designing a campaign it’s important to ensure that what you’re aiming to raise awareness about is well researched and makes sense…

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Typography for the statements

Looking at the most popular typographical trends of 2017:

  1. Custom fonts
    San Francisco, released by Apple mid 2014Introduction of brand specific type-faces
    Google developed new multi-script typeface
  2. Variable Fonts
    Changing the x-axis and height of a font to personalise a popular font to make it your own e.g.: Adobe Typekit to change the height of the letters
  3. Varying Sizes s/m/l
    Display on a computer screen – digital adverts used in tv etc.
    The size of the font makes a huge difference to how the viewer sees what you’re trying to promote or sell. It changes the perception of the subject you’re talking about, bigger isn’t always better.
  4. Digital handwritten fonts
    Companies and brand (e.g.: Sharpie) have begun to use hand-written fonts for their brand logos – creates a more relaxed/friendly/welcoming feel for users. Targets a completely different audience, has a less-formal feel.
  5. Carefully matched varying fonts
    “…doesn’t just mean a variation on a single font, but a carefully matched se of very different fonts that play on each other’s idiosyncrasies to create an overall visual effect.” – Elegant Themes
    Brings together different styles to create a better visual representation of your brand to encourage users and consumers to get involved and leads to them curious to see the kinds of products you have to offer.
  6. Different font = Different personality 
  7. Fonts that look good across digital and printed platforms 
  8. Geometry
    Modernist approach – creates sharpness and definition, eye grabbing and futuristic feel
  9. Top 2016 fonts:
    Myriad Pro (Free)
    Bebas Neue (Free)
    Ubuntu (Free)
    PT Serif (Free)
    Futura (Paid)
    Helvetica (Paid)
    Fedra Sans (Paid)

To see an extension and more comprehensive explanation of the information above please see the original source:

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